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Operatica Shine

Operatica is the mellow and unusal mix of music that is prefectly described as when Enya meets Maria Callas. It has clasical overtones, but crosses between rock and classics.

This is the second and much anticipated album for Lord Vanger the composer and performer, with the first being acclaimed by Billboard Music as the best classical crossover of the year!

To describe the music is difficult, but if you remember the techno opera scene from the fifth element with the alient opera singer, you get the idea of what the music is like!

In fact the singer from the Fifth Element soundtrack, Inva Mula sings the song Mon Amour.

Initially, Vanger was only looking for a legitimate way to make the bridge between East and West, but then he heard "Concierto De Aranjuez" -- made famous by Miles Davis' "Sketches of Spain."

This famous and beautiful melody has been recorded under many different guises and when Lord Vanger was introduced to a version called "Mon Amour" sung by French 60's pop icon, Richard Antony, he knew he had something that embraced all the elements he was looking for.
"Operatica-Shine" would make the bridge from the Middle East to Europe via southern Spain," explains Vanger.

Enter Inva Mula. Performing as Musetta in The New York Metropolitan Opera's production of "La Boheme", Vanger contacted her and she agreed to try a recording session. She gave a stunning performance. "It blew me away," said Lord Vanger. Inva recently starred in "La Traviata" at the grand reopening of La Scala in Milan to international acclaim. She will follow that triumph with an engagement later this year at London’s famed Covent Garden Opera House.

In addition to the traditional Opera Diva, Vanger also needed to find a true Middle Eastern Diva. Lord Vanger was introduced to a singer named Shakila ( "What I heard was a very haunting classical Persian folk song ("Kokab"), that seemed to fit into the ‘classical' canon of music. I had never heard anything quite as beautiful before. Even though I could not understand the words, the music had a huge impact on me and I could not stop playing the song over and over again."

Shakila became the true Middle Eastern voice of "Operatica-Shine" and, in addition to "Kokab" which means, "Star" in Farsi, she also contributes another haunting classical Persian piece called "Khodaya," which loosely translates as "O Lord."

You can buy the CD online from e Magine Records

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