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Supplements - Protein Powder

In body building protein supplements are some of the most amazing and most talked about of all the supplements because they do assist in helping to gain lean muscle. But the question is ehere do I start and what should I take?

Again like most things there is no easy answer and each different powder or supplement will say that it is the best and all the rest are rubbish. The truth is that they all work, but you need to find the one that works for you.

Taking protein powders is no real exact science, but you need to follow a few small rules to make sure that you get the best from them.

When you are gaining weight and trying to increase the amount you eat, the supplements can act as additional meals during the day. Either as a snack say at morning or afternoon tea or straight after a meal to increase the amount in the meal.

The most important time to take a supplement is after you have been to the gym as your body is in desperate need of energy and replenishment of the proteins you have broken down during the workout. try to have the supplement in the first half an hour after your workout as this is the time that you will need it the most.

Many of the protein supplements can be mixed with either water or milk, but remember if you are going to mix it with milk make it a low fat milk.

Oh and a word of advice - if you are not excercising enough and you are taking lots of supplements the excess protein and food will be converted to fat, so the moral or taking suplpements is to take them when you are doing a regular excercise routine and be sensible in the amount you are taking!

Some good sites for supplements:

Aussiebodies -

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