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fitness guide

Calculate Your Optimum Heart Rate

To get the best out of your cardio workout you should work towards either your intensity level or use your heart rate as an indicator of what benefit you are getting from the excercise.

There are three important ranges of heart rate for different types of excercise:

Instructions to Calculate your Heart Rate Bands

Enter your age and resting heart-rate and then select your gender.

Your Target Heart Rate represents the zone in which you get the best fat-burning results

Your Age:

Non-Athletic Male
Athletic Male
Non-Athletic Female
Athletic Female

Your Target Heart Rate Range Is Between beats per minute and beats per minute.

How the Bands are calculated

(Males: 214-(0.8*age). Females: 209-(0.7*age)). Press "Calculate".
The training zone values are calculated using the Karvonen formula:
Heartrate = ((Max hr-Resting hr)*%X/100) Resting hr. (where %X ="%MAX," e.g. 60)