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Diet - Gaining Weight

Gaining weight is not an easy process and you will have to eat more food than you do now. This is a point that most hardgainers don't realize -- if you want to get bigger and gain more muscle, you will have to deal with the fact that you will also gain some additional body fat. Period. This is due to the high calorie diet you must eat to build more mass.

Though some people will be able to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, most WILL NOT. The fact is, there are no magic pills, powders, foods or exercises that will allow you to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. It all is determined by your genetics and metabolism. If you are naturally thin and have a difficult time gaining weight of any kind, it would be silly of you to think that you will be able to gain muscle while trying to keep your body fat low.

Most skinny guys want to gain more muscle, but are afraid of gaining body fat. They see all the bodybuilder photos and read the stories about people gaining pounds of muscle while losing pounds of fat -- They want to do the same.

When looking at these photos, you have to remember that most of these people do not have your body type. The majority of them are overweight and want to lose fat. So their training is focused on losing fat. If you went on a fat loss diet, you would lose fat, but not gain much muscle. The low calorie diet combined with your fast metabolism will give you very little muscle gain and possibly some muscle loss.

For maximum results, you either have to train and diet to gain muscle or lose fat. One or the other. The most effective way for hardgainers to build a large amount of muscle mass quickly is to focus on gaining the weight first, then later on, go on a short-term fat loss diet to lower your body fat levels.

Because gaining weight for hardgainers is extremely difficult, the only way we will get bigger is to shock our bodies into growth. We do this by:

The first shock is by eating more calories than your body is used to. This is the most important factor in gaining mass. When you overload your system with plenty of protein and fats, your body has no other choice but to gain weight. The goal is to eat just enough calories to allow your body to build more muscle, but not so many calories that you gain a large amount of body fat.

The second way we must shock our body is with weight training. Weight training is the fastest way to get your body to build more muscle. Dieting and weight training both work together. The weight training overloads the muscles and stimulates growth, while the food you eat provides the necessary building blocks to repair and build new muscle tissue.

So what should you eat when you are trying to gain weight?

The answer is really quite obvious - you can eat almost anything that is low fat and healthy and you need to eat lots of it. The sorts of foods that will have the most affect are foods high in protein and high in carbohydrates.

Try to avoid fried foods and fast foods such as McDonalds, KFC and others because they are so high in fat - well that is really obvious isn't it. If you eat fatty foods you will put on fat instead of lean muscle and that is definitely not the look you are striving for now is it?

The other important thing to do is supplement your diet with protein shakes, to increase the mount of predigested protein you get in your diet as well.

All this will help shock your body into storing the extra food into muscle if you are working out hard with weights.

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