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Staying Safe Online

Author: Superdrewby
Date: 2001

The following guidelines have been written by different people on the web and I have added new guides and changed some of the words to make them more relevant. These are not rules and they are not the only way that you can meet people online. Unfortunately there are a lot of bad people out there in the world, and they are on the web as well. I have had the dubious honor of meeting or chatting with some of these people and have become very careful about taking care of myself and not getting into compromising situations.

There are also some other very good columns and ideas that I have written on being safe online and maintaining your privacy including;


  1. Be very careful when chatting with someone much older than you. If you do, only do so if he is not interested in sex. Even then, be cautious, especially if the person is really nice or offers you something. I have seen many older guys try to get younger guys into bed with them, and I really don't think that a guy under 18 should be sleeping with someone considerably older then them. However, from my experience, if you are relatively attractive, a lot of older gay guys on the Internet will be interested in having sex with you. So, be extremely careful.
  2. Age of consent is different from country to country and in some places is illegal and punishable by long jail terms and even death. To find out more about what is and isn't legal have a look at the Age of Consent Site. Now don't get me wrong I am not saying that age of consent laws are correct, just be careful and do only what you feel safe and comfortable about doing.
  3. If you have a self pic, only give it out if you feel comfortable chatting with the person. If you have nude pictures of yourself, I would recommend that you don't give them out. Once someone has them, there's no knowing where they'll end up. It could easily become a major embarrassment to you later in life. Unless all you wanna do is become a porn star, I'd recommend that you keep your nudes off the Internet.
  4. Don't always believe that the guy in the picture that was sent to you is the actual guy, or that the picture wasn't taken before they put on 50 pounds and lost their hair. Too many times I have seen pictures of of guys that are just not them.
  5. If you decide to talk to someone on the phone ask to call them. Make sure to use caller i.d. block. If they ask to call you, I highly recommend that you not give out your phone number, especially if it is a listed number or one that you share with your family. Remember if you give out a cell phone number, or call from a cellphone the number is sent so block it as well.
  6. Some predators will pretend that they are associated with MODEliNG AGENCIES or know TV or MOVIE PRODUCERS. If they are truly telling the truth, then tell them to give you THEIR address and phone number. THEN HAVE YOUR PARENTS CHECK IT OUT!
  7. If someone sounds like they are much older than they say, or something doesn't feel right when you're talking on the phone, end the conversation, and don't talk to the person again.
  8. Likewise, if someone lies about their age, and either you find out otherwise, or later they tell you the truth saying something along the lines of, "I was afraid you wouldn't talk to me if I told you before" - end the conversation. If someone lies to you about that, then there's no way of knowing when to trust them.
  9. Also, don't give out personal information such as your last name, your street address, etc. I'd also recommend that you not give out where you go to school or(at least not at first). You should not tell, nor request this information until you have met the person at least once.
  10. If you decide to meet someone through the Internet, decide on a public place like a shopping centres, coffee shop etc. DO NOT meet someone at a non-public place. You cannot trust anyone in a private place, until you have met them. If the person seems unwilling to meet at a public place, then you should be suspicious and reconsider whether you really want to meet him.
  11. Make sure that you tell someone where you are going and who you are meeting, and make a deal with them that you will call them at a specific time to tell them you are ok.
  12. If you meet someone, and they are who they claimed to be, then it's probably safe to lower your guard, and give out more information. But, still be cautious, and think before telling anyone anything personal.
  13. Just because you meet someone and like them does mean that you have to do anything with them and you can say no!