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Parent Proofing your PC

Author: Superdrewby
Date: 2001


Clear The History List

This is one of the most obvious ways for someone to check up on what you have been looking at online. They can pull down the history list and low and behold, Teen Boys on Top is listed there for all and sundry!

IE 5.0:

The "History" list for IE is found at the Toolbar at top: "Tools/Internet Options/Internet Options" on the "General" tab click on "Clear History." And then click "OK.", you can also set the number of days for the history files to be kept to 0 on the same page.

Netscape Communicator 4.5:

At the Tool Bar at the top: "Edit/Preferences" and click the word "Navigator" in the "Category" field. Click on the "Clear History' button. Also you can set the "Pages in history expire..." to "0" just like in IE. Click "OK."

Clear The "Cache"

The cache is a whole lot of files that the computer saves to the hard drive so when you go back to a page it only updates the part of the page that has changed. It does mean that when you search the web that it will be slower because it is always reloading the entire page.

IE 5.0:

"Tools/Internet Options/'General' tab": In the part where it says "Temporary Internet files" click on "Delete Files." Click "OK."

Netscape Communicator 4.5:

"Edit/Preferences" Double-click on "Advanced" and then click on "Cache" in the "Category" field. Then click on "Clear Memory Cache" and click "OK." Then click on "Clear Disk Cache" and click "OK." Click "OK" to get rid of that annoying "Preferences" pull-down window also.

Clear The Recent "Documents" List

If you ever download dubious files even to a floppy a list is kept of all the files in the recent Documents List. Using Windows you can delete this list by clicking the "Start" button off the tray at the bottom, click on "Settings" and click on "Taskbar and Start Menu." Click on the "Start Menus" tab, click on "Clear" and then "OK".

Empty The Trash Bin

Please don't forget to delete the items int he trash can. The last thing you want is for all of your deleted files to be restored and then show up again!

Delete the Cookies

Don't forget to delete the cookies - no not the choc chip ones, the ones on your pc! When you visit some sites (mine included it stores a cookie on your pc so I know that when you are visiting pages it knows that you are already a member!

To delete the cookies search your hard drive for cookies and delete all the little crumbs, otherwise you could end up having to explain

Using ICQ

ICQ is fantastic but there are a few ways to make is safe experience, always password protect it, otherwise every conversation you have ever had can be found in the archive. God forbid someone finds your cybersex between you and that cute boy online where you talk about sucking cock.

The other one is the files you have received from online are stored under the Program Files/ICQ/Received Files/UserName.... Yep that's right each file of those boys who sent their naked pics to you are there just waiting to be found!!!!!