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(G) GBH - The Danger Drug

Superdrewby - December 2003

Probably the biggest threat to the entire dance club scene in the last ten years is the party drug G which is killing people every weekend in clubbing land.  It has almost destroyed what was one of the best clubbing scenes in the world in New York, and Australia is totally under G's spell.  This threat known as G, or GBH, Grievous Bodily Harm, Liquid Ecstasy and fantasy.  It is becoming hugely popular because it's cheap, at only $5 a pop. 

But for all it's popularity it's killing people and it's soon going to destroy the clubbing experience for everyone.  There has not been a single night in the last few months that I have been out where I have not seen at least one person slipping into a G Coma, and requiring immediate and life saving medical care.  I have even had friends fall into a "G Coma" or a G Sleep as they put it.

What is G?

G is an simple to make party drug, the main ingredient, gamma butyrolactone - an easy to obtain solvent used in tyres and other industrial products - is mixed with two other common compounds.  It comes in a liquid form and has a severe chemical taste which is often masked by taking the drug with soft drink. 

G has been around a long time and is also known as a date rape drug because of it's extremely effective amnesiac and renders users unconscious or stuperous very quickly.  Drink spiking is a huge problem and taking G with Alcohol almost ensures an overdoes and the resultant G Coma can come on quickly and lethally.

What does G do?

G is a euphoric and disinhibitory drug in small doses, it provides that feeling of being mildly drunk and amplifies that by 1000.  So the user feels like they in a state of euphoria.  Because of the dis hinbitory aspect of the drug, users feel as though they can do anything and all rational thought often either disappears completely or is forgotten.  This is why there is such a resurgence of STDs including HIV AIDS that is associated with this drug, people "forget" about safe sex in the heat of the moment.  G also makes its users feel extremely horny and sexually aroused so the combination is dangerous to say the least.

G Sleep or G Coma

 The biggest mis-conception about G is the idea of G Sleep being OK- this is false!  When someone goes to "sleep" when taking G they are in a G Coma.  Their breathing becomes shallow and they can then either choke on their own vomit, or their breathing can just stop.

People who overdose range from appearing to be merely asleep, to deeply comatose, to those who have stopped breathing. Some suffocate when their airways become blocked; others choke after they have vomited. Many suffer a state of extreme agitation, literally jumping up and down on the spot, before they collapse.

Another strange and illogical side effect of G overdose, is that people don't have any understanding of just how badly off they were.  Evidence from hospitals which have to intubate nearly 80% of G overdose cases say that the person when revived does not accept that they almost died.  I have seen this myself, where someone was in a G coma and does not accept save for the actions of a friend in staying with them taking them in and out of a cold shower and monitoring their breathing they could be dead.


Damage Control

  • There is no absolutely safe way of taking G, Superdrewby actively promotes that people stay away from G - however these pointers may help save your or one of your friend's lives if you do take G.
  • Never Take G with Alcahol or other depressants
  • Leave several hours between each does (at least two)
  • Unlike all other drugs there is no antedote that can be given when an overdose occurs, the only known way to save someone's life if in sever respiritory distress is to intubate and place on a ventilator

When to Seek Help

  • If the person is having a seizure or acting extremely irrationally - ie jumping up and down and then twitching on the ground
  • If you cannot wake the person so they can have a coherent conversation with you. 
  • If the person is having trouble breathing, or they seem to be breathing slowly (this is an indicator of acute respitory distress)
  • If the person is throwing up help them to make sure they do not choke on their own vomit.

What to do

  • If you are in a club, get one of the security or medical staff immediately, or call an ambulance under all other circumstances.
  • Don't let a person sleep after taking G, even if they want to, keep them awake and if needs be use some force like a light slap to wake them up
  • Make sure that at all times that the person can breath by clearing any obstructions from their airwaves.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald Dec 27 2003

Bottom Line

 The bottom line of G is that it is bad news:

The question you have to ask yourself is if all of the risks are worth the high when there are alternatives that are not as risky.  But remember that all party drugs both legal and illegal have risks and consequences.  I have a more personal request - I don't want any of my friends dying from something as stupid as taking G.