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Danger - The Crystal Crisis

The Crystal Meth Crisis

January 1 2006 (updated April 2006)

By Superdrewby

There is a growing crisis across the world with the designer drug Crystal Methamphetamine. The resurgence of HIV is being blamed in some quarters on the use of Crystal men across the world. Crystal or Tina or Ice, is devastating the club scene across the globe. GBH or G is still causing people to be dragged off to Hospital in the back of an ambulances near death every weekend, but the effects of Tina are far more long term (unless you OD’d on G).

The problem with this particular party drug is twofold. Crystal is highly addictive, especially if smoked and dis-inhibits the user which can create an almost insatiable sexual appetite with a lack of rational thought.

But Crystal is not just used in the party scene, more and more people are relying on this drug to get them through every day, as they have developed an addiction. It is estimated that there are already 10,000 people in Australia chronically addicted to Crystal at the end of 2005, and that number is only going to rise.

What is it?

Crystal is an amphetamine, like speed which is a synthetic stimulant that excites the brain and the central nervous system. It works by increasing the amount of dopamine in your body, giving a feeling of increased energy, heightened awareness and arousal and enjoyment. Crystal is often found as a white crystal like powder, or it may be mixed in a capsule or tablet.

How is it taken?

Crystal is taken in a variety of ways:

The problem is that even in small doses when taken cause an almost instantaneous euphoric feeling which significantly increases the risk of becoming addicted.

What does Crystal do?

Crystal increases dopamine into the brain which is a mood regulator, so when you take crystal it can:

The Crash after the High

Because a crystal high can be so intense and fast, coming down off of crystal can bbe a nightmare. Side effects include:

Some people can also become seriously mentally unstable not just for a little while but the come down can last months and even years!

What’s So Bad about Crystal

Crystal may seem like just another one of the party drugs of choice for hundreds of thousands of people, but it is linked to the resurgence of HIV through poor rational decisions whilst under the drugs influence.

Crystal addiction is a very real possibility for people who take this drug.  Like all illegal drugs, you should make an informed choice before deciding what you will and won't take or do.

 The Ice Age a Four Corners Report

Watch a recent documetary onthe growing crisis and follow crystal addicts over a twelve month period!

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