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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Saturday, December 09, 2006

My Version of the Christmas Door

So this is my version of the amazingly fantatsic door from the Altair I posted the other day. It doesn't work as well on the dark door, but I think it still makes an impact.


At Sun Dec 10, 02:52:00 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps a metallic silver or gold ribbon might work better with the darker colour.

At Sun Dec 10, 03:18:00 PM EST, Blogger Michael said...

Well i have to say that's more than I have right now. Although I did finally print out my christmas cards. Hm...does that make us even? heh

At Mon Dec 11, 08:06:00 AM EST, Blogger Superdrewby said...

yeah a different colour might be better, but for this year it will ahve to do!


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