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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Looking toward 2007 last post for 2006

After my post the other day on 2006 and what I have achieved, this post looks at where I want to achieve in 2007.

I have sorted the goals into categories, or material and more emotional / physical.

Material Goals for 2007

  1. Double my businesses revenues

  2. Increase the net operating profits for the business

  3. Achieve the specific goals set out for the business

  4. Launch the new SAAS application by the end of April 2007

  5. Launch the two new sites by the end of May 2007

  6. Finally finish the story Life at a Private School once and all!

Emotional / Physical Goals for 2007

  1. Get to at least 75 kgs with less then 11% body fat

  2. Improve my actual fitness level to "above average" *in terms of my age, heart rate, endurance etc*

  3. Follow on with more Yoga to de-stress on a more regular basis

  4. Take more time out from working in the form of exercise and other activities apart from the computer
Whilst these may seem like new years resolutions, I don't 'do' resolutions. These are natural progressive goals that I have been working on for a long time and they are the next steps in what I have already been doing or achieving!

I always feel that to many people, when they set ' resolutions' they are un-achievable or not something that is realistic.

So there we have the goals and objectives for 2007, So what are your objectives for 2007?

And more importantly how are you going to achieve them? I am intending to post some of my tactics for achieving the goals and objectives.

Tag on Goals and Objectives

So now I am going to tag some people with writing their own goals and objectives. The rules for the tags are:

  1. Choose no less then two blogger friends
  2. Each friend tagged must post their goals and objectives for 2007

  3. They must then in turn tag another at least two people
  4. The tagged blogger must be notified by a blog comment on their blog so they know!

I am tagging, Brenton, Mark Darien, Alex, Dan, Phil, Nick, Narcicuss, sorry guys but I love reading all your blogs and chat to a few of you on a semi regular basis and I wanna push ya'll!

I will be mobile posting tonight from a view of the fireworks over Sydney Harbor at nine and then midnight! So what out of a post provided my phone works!



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