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Billy TK Blog, Musing and Idiosyncratic Rantings


About Billy

It's always so hard to talk about yourself and sound confident and yet humble... Well, jokes on all of you, I'm both highly overconfident and yet suffer those irritating pangs of self doubt nearly always. I've been out since before I knew what out was, at about 6y/o I took all the clothing off my G.I. Joe's and declared them all Tarzans. Then proceeded to cut up my pajamas to make loin cloths for them.... which they rarely ever wore. As my family likes to tease, I was the last to know.

Been raised mostly in the strange area between the country and a small town in Florida battling gators and mosquitos. By the time I got to highschool I alternated my time between either fighting with or chasing boys around, and winning money in writing contests.

Went to college, joined a frat, ran for a lot of offices, chased a few boys and fought with a few others, but I was captain of the judo team so fighting was Then Blah, blah, Relationship, relationship, relationship, went to Australia, dated a stud in England, and am working on getting a novle published.

Currently single I live with a 22 bipolar cat who alternates between adoration of me and feraal leopard out to kill everything... Sex and violence, what can I say, it's a theme.