The problem with ….

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My physio told me I could go back to the gym last week on light weights which I did on Saturday.

The first half of my workout was fine, on much reduced weights and I completed bench press wide and narrow grip supersets.

I then went over to the incline bench to do incline dumbbells and wide flies, but lifting the dumbbells and twisting sent shooting sharp pains through my arm and I dropped the weights.

Needless to say I with my arm now throbbing and swelling I decided to go home and ice it up and see what I had done.

I feel like the two weeks of arm rest has all been for nothing as I am pain again and arm stretching the arm with the exercises my physio gave me as often as I remember.

It’s a real downer having this injury because I was so focused on getting the weights.

I think I need to find a gym instructor that can help me put together a workout routines that does not stress this particular injury as I have the distinct impression it’s going to take a while for it to fully heal.

Tomorrow I will be back at the gym working on cardio and core strength again.

But trust me that is damn boring!

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Tennis elbow

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I have tennis elbow at the moment from overworking my arms at the gym (and probably at the computer too).

It started in one arm about two months ago, but I recovered without any intervention.  then about two weeks ago I started to get a sharp pain in my left arm and elbow with certain movements.

I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to that sort of pain so I cut the weights workouts and for the last two weeks have been focusing only on cardio and core strength.

Tomorrow I intend restarting the weights routine, although I will drop the weights right down for a while and wear an elbow support to stop the tendon from being too stressed as it’s still a bit tender.

I have been training like a maniac the last few months, I have found a real new routine where I go to the gym early in the morning at around 6 am and workout for an hour – an hour and a half.

Injury is always a pain literally and figuratively the extra cardio while great for the mid section that I am trying to reduce I want to get back to doing weights.

I’ve been seeing the physio a few times to sort the elbow out and it’s improved but not as quickly as I would have liked, but I suppose that’s the downside of getting older!

But I have been given stretches and exercises which I can do now to unlock the muscle and then later I can learn techniques to build it up and prevent it from happening again.

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The midnight sun of Finland

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Well ok not quite midnight, but my dear friend Virpi sent me this picture of me back in June in Helsinki which was taken just after nine PM at night and boy is it light

It as the first time I had been in Finland in Summer, I had been there in the dead of winter, spring and autumn but never summer and boy that was an experience.

It never seemed to get truly dark for more than an hour or two.

Ah I miss my friends in Finland and would love nothing more then the ability to just swan around the world on whims and visit different friends for a day or two.

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Its been well over a year since I last posted

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Lordy me time flies when you are having fun!

It’s been well over a year since I last wrote a blog entry ad let me say not a huge amount changes.

In the last year I have:

  • Travelled through the UK, France and Finland
  • Spent weeks in hospital for some weird chest thing that was never fully explained
  • Become even more obsessive about my gym routines
  • Worked like there is no tomorrow
  • Employed more staff in my business
  • Adopted a second beagle named Sofia
  • Was one of the best men at a gay wedding

So why restart blogging?

I need a creative outlet to rant and carry on, one that isn’t twitter and isn’t Facebook as much as I love Facebook.

so here I am.

In addition I want to resurrect my online persona a little bit, it was fun when I had one and I think I want to have one again.

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Monday Mornings

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I have a love hate relationship with Monday Mornings, not because I have mondayitits and don’t want to go to work.  No more because I know how much I have to get done in a week and just how little time I have to do it all!
I have signed on a couple of very large and potentially very lucrative clients for the company and have been busy teaching myself new things like App development for the iPhone, iPad and Android markets.
I only managed two gym sessions last week, but I did get a hold of my new Fiscia sensor so I can properly monitor the intensity of working out.
Sheesh I have to tell you I thought I was training hard, but according to the actual results I was only ‘moderately’ training.
It sure goes to show why somethings having the right tools really helps.
So now onward and upward for the week.
Two fortune cookies this week have both told me that something big I have wanted is going to happen and happen soon.
I hope this means that my strategy that seems to be working really starts to take off out of the stratosphere!
Keep your bloggy fingers crossed for me
BTW I am pretty sure that the picture is London Preppy taken off of GWIP
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Wishlist and Getting Fit

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I have been caning myself at the gym of late pushing myself with huge cardio workouts.

I finally got round to replacing the battery in my Polar Heart Rate Monitor, but guess what the bugger is stuffed, and after doing some research have decided that it’s not worth getting fixed and instead have been looking at new ideas for monitoring heart rate and workout intensity.
It’s important for me because I have no real idea of the actual intensity I work out at unless I Can see my heart rate and use this to push myself!
What I wanted was an Iphone integrated solution, because let’s face it I take the phone everywhere and use it at the gym for music anyway, so in my desire to limit the number of devices I found DigiFit.
It’s a very cool idea, its a small plug in receiver and iPhone App that gets the heart rate signals from a compatible strap monitor.
it’s all very simple and in total less than $100 USD for the app, heart rate monitor and iphone plug.
Only problem it’s not available in Australia yet!
I have been reading a whole lot of late about the arguments for an against calorie counting and it’s a really interesting read.
It’s well established that you can lose weight by limiting the amount of calories you eat, 1kg of weight requires 7500 calorie deficit – this article says it all.
For my age and lifestyle without exercise my basal metabolic rate is around 2200 calories a day, so to lose a kg of fat I would need to burn an extra 1000 calories every day for a week. That’s a huge undertaking.
I was reading about the whole argument against calorie counting and more about eating a less processed less red meat diet high in fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains.
Personally I want a good balance, I like a drink, I like my food, so I want a balance between it all.
At my age I don’t feel the need to have the perfect body, but I do want to be fit and make sure I am looking after my body and my health.
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I just wanna say F*** the world sometimes

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Sometimes I just wanna say Fuck the world, I’m in a mood at the moment. Some friends did something a little while back that really hurt my feelings.

I know I should be the bigger person and just shrug it off and recognise that that’s just life but I am having a real hard time letting go.
pic courtesy gwip