Having a day working from home

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Just like the title reads I am working from home today, this does not mean that I will be moping around at home watching movies, no siree

Instead it just means that instead of working from the office I spend the day working from home. I have already managed to spend about 3 hours talking to clients on the phone thus far and I am feeling hoarse!

The throat is no longer sore, it’s now just the sinuses that are are inflamed and so I am squirting saline solution up my nose to irrigate anything that might be lurking up there.

Of course I would love to use one of those nasal decongestant sprays and make my head feel all better, but I have a history with those.

About seven years ago I became addicted to nasal sprays to the point I was using them every three – four hours and would even wake up in the night use it and go straight back to sleep.

I did try looking up the official medical name given to nasal spray addiction but I got side tracked and ended up looking at articles on Nasal Spray addiction like this one in the New York Times.

In the end with my addiction I realised there was a real problem when at three o’clock one morning (years ago) I made the boy drive me to an all night Pharmacy to get a new bottle. Well I actually bought about four just to be certain!

So these days I will not use them, and since I hate the decongestant over the counter tablets make me feel shaky (I don’t one comment from friends who know me and know how ridiculous this seems that I will not take them!), I just have to wait for the sinuses to stop being inflamed and just put up with it.

At least though I am getting through work today (although slightly slower than normal).

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