I Need Your Help I want this picture

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Now I have decided that I want this picture, but I am far too much of a miser to actually pay for such a thing. I have offered that I will cover postage and handling and I will use said picture for some ridiculous promotional activity in Sydney Australia.

So I need everyone’s help to visit London Preppy and leave comments on his blog telling him he should give me the picture.

In addition I need you to give me some ideas of what and how I should use this picture to promote something, whether it be London Preppy’s blog, my own blog or something ridiculous.

Just think of all the cool places I could take my picture with this picture like:

Sydney Opera House;

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Bondi Beach

Oxford Street

ARQ (kind of like a smaller crappier version of London’s Heaven or Trade)

With a Koala Bear

With a Kangaroo

The list is endless, but I need everyone who reads this blog and site to visit London Preppy’s site and tell him why he should give me the picture!


  1. Dan

    Sounds good except there’s no such thing as a koala bear… so that’s going to be a tall order getting a photo with one :p

    And yeh, weird.


  2. wally

    I put a plea comment on LP blog for you Drew..nothing like a bit of aussie humor, are you weird maybe? but who isn’t…I know I am from time to time makes for an interesting life..but your in trouble with Dan for calling our Koala a bear?…lol

  3. firstimpre55ion

    Add me to the roster!!! 😀

    I figured me posting on LP’s blog might be better than me posting on mine…

    Hope you, they boy and the dog are well! 😀


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