Quiet for a few days

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I have been quiet for a few days on the blogging front, instead I socialised with friends over the long weekend and actually kept pretty much away from my computer.

It’s been a slow start to the week mainly from the weekend’s exertions but also because I am not enjoying working from home any more as I just don’t seem to be able to concentrate.

I am however still alive and kicking…

One of the things that has made me sad this week is the end of another blog, Synthetic Ego has deleted all of his old posts and left the blogosphere. I loved reading about his journey of coming out and striving for his goals. It was great to read!

I had planned on going to Brisbane this weekend to see the Warhol exhibition and the opening of Scott Redford’s newest exhibition, but after saying yes to the friends I would be going with I decided that on the balance of things I should stay home. The boy is away all this week in Singapore and is only back on Friday, so me going to Brisvegas would mean I would only have one night here and then be off again.
The exhibition is on till the end of March so I will wait and go up with the boy when he goes to Brisbane in the next two months (which I am pretty sure he will anyway). (oh and sorry I didnt go up boys :))
I still have to work out how to get the Scott Redford Polar Bears that I want, but I have made myself a promise that if I meet some specific company goals in February they will definitely be mine!
Talking of which I am off to see a shared office nearby tomorrow and so far everything sounds good so keep your fingers crossed and let’s see what happens.
So back to my cooking dinner, goodnight farewell and whatever.

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