How Apt

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How apt that my favorite bogan Corey Worthington should live near by Fountaingate Shopping Centre.

And for those of you who have no idea why this is funny, in Australia we have a wonderfully ridiculous TV show called Kath and Kim who are regulars at Fountaingate Shopping Centre.

I still love the fact that people either love this kid or they totally despise him, there is virtually no middle ground on the issue. I have a certain fascination with him, I think he is a moron but as one Australian News Reporter put it he is becoming a bit like the Australian version of Paris Hilton (without the money).

I have even joined the facebook group for Corey’s next Party which has 8260 members already!

So go the bogans!


  1. Johnnie

    I would be in the despise him camp. He’s a true bogan. And would someone PLEASE take those damn glasses off him!

    off topic, but rumor is, i live in the same building as you.

  2. Author

    really interesting rumor….

    I suppose the question is do you or don’t you?

    heheheheheh – if you do you should say hi!

  3. Johnnie

    Well, I’ve no clue if it’s true. I could go around to every apt and ask if Drew is in, but that would be slightly crazy. As crazy as I am, I’m not THAT crazy. Yet.

    But yea, Brenton told me we did. Maybe he’s the crazy one.

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