Lachlan Beaton does not speak for me!

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This article in the Daily Terror annoyed me no end, I had to look up who the author Lachlan Beaton was as I had barely heard of him until a month or so ago when he suddenly popped up and said “I’m Gay and an ex sportsperson”.

It’s great that he can come out now when it does not affect his career standing on the shoulders of people like Matt Mitcham, Ian Roberts etc who came out at the height of their careers.

But then to become a “gay spokesperson” in the length of a month and tell me to tolerate bigotry is just another way of saying he is still dealing with his own internalised homophobia.

There is no middle ground on this debate, you are either for or against marriage equality. There is no cohesive argument against marriage equality, the arguments are baseless, insulting and quite frankly are the reason why kids grappling with their sexuality are having a hard time.

If we “tolerant” of their pseudo religious bullshit then we are tolerant of outright bigotry and hatred and this tacitly approve of homophobia in the community.

Tolerance does not mean that we have respect abhorrent or hateful views.

Lachlan Beaton you do not speak for me in any way shape or form. I am one of the people that is actively discrimated against by not having my 16 year relationship legally recognised the same as a straight couple.

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