Did we honestly expect anything different?

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ditch-the-witchOvernight the Australian Prime Minister and the conservative Liberal / National Parties voted not to allow a free vote on Marriage Equality.

The rage and disappointment I feel is immense.

But at the end of the day should I be at all surprised?

This Prime Minister is possibly one of the most deeply conservative and ideologically driven that we have had.

Not withstanding the fact that his Government has been described as the least effective in 44 years for their failure to pass significant legislation, the Prime Minister and Government are jokes.

Technically the votes to have a free vote on the issue of marriage Equality does not in itself pass the change, but now we have absolutely no way of this legislation passing.

I can’t help but say “I told you so” to so many gay people I know who voted for this idiot who have miraculously now become staunch Abbott haters. ¬†Every fear I have had have come true about this Government and man.

He is a disgrace and embarrassment and the rage I feel is boiling over.

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