Mini Fitness Challenge Results

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So my mini fitness challenge I started a week ago is going quite well.

My overall weight has dropped about a kilogram, probably from the reduced carbs in my diet, I cut out 95% of the fruit I was eating (6 – 8 pieces of fruit a day was waaaaaay too much).

My belt buckle has gone down another notch as well which is probably the biggest indicator, but I have no idea of my body fat change as my expensive WIFI scales are playing up.

I always worry when I lose weight or clean up my diet too much that I will lose more muscle than fat and so I tend to over eat on the protein and up my BCAA supplements.

The eye candy is an 18 year old gym fit German called Tim Guth, you can stalk I mean admire him at his instagram.

I was wonderen gour loud this morning other the fact that my Instagram is filled my hot gym guys and the selfies in gym gear is this gymspiration or just an unhealthy desire to have those abs?

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