Mini Fitness Challenge

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I have set myself a mini fitness challenge over the next 4 weeks of losing some weight and body fat.

After coming back from our “eat you way” through Europe holiday and cruise I’ve managed to pile on about 3kgs pretty much all of which unfortunately has settled around my waist.

The last few years I have been alternately bulking and then trying to cut, last year in my bulk I managed to get to almost 86 KGs which is the heaviest I have ever been and the fattest as well (I think I was around 21% BF at that weight).

This year I am sitting around 77 KGs and somewhere between 18 – 19% body fat.

I have lost a few kgs since coming back mainly from eating well and hitting the gym again but its time to up the ante and shock my body into some changes.

I still have my trainer the adorable Andreas, and I train weights 4 times a week and an objective of three jogs a week of about 4 – 5 KM. Which is ok for maintenance but not great if I’m wanting to shed the extra bulk around the middle.

So for the next few weeks I am going to be super disciplined in my diet and reduce my daily calories to less than 2000, upping the protein macros and decreasing the carbs whilst still maintaining the healthy fats.

I weighed myself this morning after the gym and I as 77.6 my objective next week is to be 76.6 or there about.

This also means multiple nights off the booze at dinner and reduced booze when we have friends for dinner!

So let’s start body hacking!


In future blogs I’m going to start talking about the Apple iWatch VS FitBit and the Digifit now that I’ve been using the iWatch for about 6 weeks.


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