18 + 25

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The Good old Albury Hotel circa 2000

The Good old Albury Hotel circa 2000

Today is my 18 +25 Birthday

Or for those of you who cannot count this is my 43rd Birthday.

To think 25 years ago I was in my last year of school coming got terms with the fact I was gay.  A lot has certainly changed since 1990.

I was taking my first real trips out to the gay scene of Oxford Street and openly admitting people that yes I also liked guys.

It was a time that many of the gay men around me from my time performing as a child and then the friends that I was making were sick and dying.  In many ways I lived not just a double life but a multiple life, there was my life at school with friends, which whilst I never denied I was gay I never said I was gay.  There was my life at home where I didn’t really talk about much (I was a teenager).

And then there was my fledgling gay life amongst the gays in the good old Albury Hotel.

I wish I knew now many of the lessons I have learnt along the way, or at least had more courage at 18 than I did to be more myself.

I’m glad that I was a bit naive as a young gay, many of the experiences of the gay world are really only for more mature and older people I think.  I’m also incredibly grateful to all my older gay friends who supported me, listened to my thoughts my worries, fears and loves.  All the while mainly keeping their hilarity at my naivety to themselves.

So many of them from this era are gone from HIV / AIDS, heart attacks, cancer and just plain old accidents and old age.

I’m thankful for the last twenty-five years for everyone that has come and touched my life in all sorts of ways.

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