Milk the movie

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I finally saw Milk the movie about Harvey Milk’s life during the week and to say I was blown away is a gross understatement.

The acting by sean Penn was truly inspiring and not once during the entire movie did I not believe that Sean was not gay.

What struck me the most about the movie apart from the beauty of the way the story was portrayed was just how even though thirty years has passed and so much has changed how little has changed

I had of course read about proposition 6 but had never realized just how many parslells between the current proposition 8 and the anti gay rhetoric being used by the same groups to marginalize gay people.

Last night as I was walking down Santa Monica in west Hollywood there was a small group of protesters protesting against the new propsition 8.

If I had not been running late for my flight I would have joined the group.

I have been do excited by the huge demonstrations across the USA against these anti gay ammendments, but the excitement seems to have worn off.

We need gay leaders like Harvey Milk who with their cohorts can help mobilize and entice people to rise up.

There are just to many salient points in this movie that we should as a gay community take notice of.

For change to happen there does need to be some civil disobedience, revolution is not clean it’s dirty and sometimes blood gets spilt both physically and metaphoricaly.

There were scenes in the movie which reminded me so much of the move, And The Band Played On, especially the candlelight vigils from the Castro.

I am often frustrated by the apathy of younger and my age queens, who seem to have an understanding of the people who have done so much for the gay rights movement and their total apathy of getting off their asses to help push along equality now and in the future.

I don’t have the answers but I do suggest that you see the movie

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