Four days back

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It’s only been four days since we returned from our holiday and I already feel like I was never away.

I virtually went straight from the plane on Friday morning to the office and then worked most of the weekend.

The good thing is that I will most likely have no pressing client work to do over the Christmas break which will make a nice change.

It’s always weird when you come back from a holiday, on the one hand I am always glad to be home and very happy to be with the puppy.

But on the other I also miss being away and having that excitement.

This week is going to be quite trying, what with a lot of work meetings and projects to complete before Christmas, and the majority of which I have to rely on client’s getting their asses into gear.

Although I was pretty good during my holiday and went to the gym every 2 days or so during the first week In only went twice in the last week.

So tonight I will do some cardio to ease myself back in and then hit the gym hard tomorrow night for a good weights session.

I can tell my waist has not increased in size from the holiday but my weight has certainly gone up. However if I had a DXA scan I reckon my fat content would have increased so I had better pull my finger out and get back to my good eating habits and make sure I don’t undo all the good work I had done!


  1. Volacious

    Isn’t it horrible that when you come back from holidays, within a few days you’re back in the routine and it feels like you never left!

    Give Lucy a pat for me :-)

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