It's amazing really

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In less than two weeks it will be 2009 and I can’t believe just how fast 2008 has flown by.

This year has been tough on many levels, I have never worked so hard in my entire life, I have worked out hard and changed my eating habits consistently and have made a commitment to myself to keep trim and fit.

It’s now that time that you start to both look forward and back to set what you want to achieve in the coming year

On a personal front I want to get my weight up to 73kgs and my body fat to 12% which is going to be a real push for me.

With the Christmas season and the holiday I have been less than focused on working out and eating well.

I was supposed to have my final training session of the year with my trainer today but I am trying my utmost to get work complete do I can close the office today. So I cancelled the gym but I will back early next week.

On the professional front I want to hard launch our new big product.

We have done the soft launch and it has been selling and getting feedback that’s been fantastic

Buy now we need to do the hard launch and sell the crap out of the product.

I am yet to set the targets for next year but will be doing it all soon.

So that’s it looking forward and looking back

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