Training the beagle

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Beagles are either notoriously difficult or easy to train depending on your perspective.

When we trained the beagle we initially taught her to go tot he toilet in the downstairs toilet.

Mainly because when we got her for the first few months of pee and poo anywhere where a nightmare and it was so much easier to reward her when she went in the middle of the bathroom floor because it was easy to clean up.

We then kind of dropped the ball on the potty training after that and never properly encourage her to go when she was outside.

She still has a strange habit of not want to go when she is outside and will wait till she comes home to go to the toilet.

In the office she is perfect, she never makes a mess and waits till the end of the day on her walk home to take a pee and then a poo at home.

But over the last 6 months we have increasingly got fed up with cleaning the bathroom floor ten times a day and having to tell guests to go upstairs as the dog has done a mess on the floor.

So for the last several days we have totally changed tack and are re- toilet training the beagle.

She is no longer allowed in the downstairs bathroom unless it’s when we go out and she is ‘podded’.

We well I have pretty much worked out her routine by now and am making sure that every time it’s that time she is encourage out to the balcony where she can do her business and it’s easy to clean up!

So far so good, this is the third day and so far no accidents inside what so ever.

The only strange thing i she has been puking a couple of times which we are not sure is a reaction to keeping it all in or the sign of something more serious (like all beagles they do ted to thrown up because they eat crap).

But fingers crossed the toilet training of the beagle will work and we will finally have our downstairs bathroom back!


  1. j

    well that’s just about the most disgusting/cutest story i’ve ever heard.

  2. Author


    well its about five days in and so far she has done really well

    touch wood

    no accidents inside!

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