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New Host and URL
Finally I have resolved the issues with the hosting of and the DNS problems that would not let the site be found properly! The site is now up and running on
I am stil working ont he membership scripts and should have the netire site working by the end of the week. If you have previoulsy joined the mailing list you will get an email message telling you to join the membership of the new site as I will be using a new inbuilt administration application to send out all email and manage the site.
if you are not a member you will no longer be abel to get acess to certain parts of the site including the new message boards and other interactive tools and the site.
You may also notice that the site now runs very fast, there has been a problem with Blogvoices and the site in turn was running like a wet dog. I have delted the blog voices for the time being, but will try and reload it later when I have more time either on a new server or run it from the new host. Will have to wait and see what happens with the people at blog voices.
I will be working my little fingers to the bone when I have the time away from work to make all the new databases work and link to each other. One issue that I still ahve is trying to get javascript to work properly with the perl scrips….

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