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Eleven Days Till Mardi Gras
It’s only eleven days till the party and parade in Sydney Australia. Yeah, we are lookingf orward to the party and parade. lee and I will be parade officials yep that’s right Mr and Mr bossy boots control freak from hell (that’s me) will be telling people what they can’t and can do on the parade route. We will be up on Driver Avenue near the end of thre parade route near the BGF stand probably being rude to the spectators and perving at the bevvy of things walking by in the parade.
Our costumes are slowly coming together and should be finished soon as well, mine is almost done and lee is working on his at the moment. No comment yet on what we will be adorned in but the theme has been taken from one of last years big movies and no it aint Hannibal – hmm on the other hand…no stop thinking like that.
For those of you not in Australia you will have to watch the censored version of the parade on TV but it will be fun!

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