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Do people actually read this?
I often wonder whether people actually read this section of my site or whether they just dive straight into the fun stuff and ignore my writings here?
I spend so much time thinking about how to make this site more interesting and more interactive that sometimes i have too many ideas and no time to actually get anthing done. I was reading yesterday and getting a new grip on online blogs (this is a log using and I wonder whether anyone actually has the time or inclination to read through everyones blogs anyway enough of that.
I had a look through the search terms that have been used on this site over the last few weeks, now guys and girls there is no porn on this site and there is no boy / man sex so if that is your thing piss off. There are also no naked pics! gee I worry what people actually come here for, oh well such is life. Anyway it’s two days till Mardi gras yeah picture from the parade next week I hope!

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