Looking for a dog bed / house

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I am a pretty hard person to get things for, and I am even more difficult when it comes to things that will be in my home, so not suprisingly looking for a dog house for Lucy is a difficult process.

The problem is I’ve found one that I absolutely love, but there is a catch, it is $900 for an indoor dog house. Granted it is an Italian Design and is even archived in a few modern art and style museums!

So here is the dog house I want, but don’t think I will be getting for Lucy :)

The Magis Dog House Designed by Michael Young.

And it would so go with our other Puppy –

Puppy was purchased back when I wasn’t allowed to get a real dog and was designed for Magis too.

There is one more potential dog house, but I can’t find the design in Australia, The Bau Dog House….

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