The new supplements

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There two are the newest tools in my never ending quest for my perfect body more info tm come


  1. Author

    Yes I do and will get my perfect body

    at times during the year I am very happy with my shape and then I go and ruin i with overeating or not enough excercise.

    so it’s a bit a pendumum swing…..

    Incidentlly, it’s also not other people who i ake notice of whethr I am fit or not, it’s how i look in the mirror to me

  2. On Golden Ponds

    I say “Bless Ya” for giving it a red hot go whilst in your 30s. It’s easy to get deterred by the common view that once you are in your 30s it’s all downhill on the fitness front.

    Whilst I am not obsessed with tone, I was blown away when I scored the highest VO2 reading ay my gym last month (at the age of 37).

    Keep up the good work and the great blog.

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