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I need some inspiration right now to keep on hitting the gym harder and harder. I have a new objective, one which was thrust upon me by a mates new boyfriend.
I have agreed to go to mardi gras wearing footy shorts and not much else as they will be. Problem is the new bf is particuraly msucely and I don’t think has a single once of fat on him, not just the least he is ten years younger than me!
So I have to get my full set of abs back. So five days a week of high high high energy cardio (even more than normal). So the inspiration is above, that picture is just hot – stolen shamelessly from American Urge!


  1. firstimpre55ion

    Hey Drew,

    Wow! You’re right…that is definitely inspirational in more ways than one! G’luck! And just footy shorts? Whoa!!! haha…you’re gonna post pics of that right?! hehehe 😉


    P.S. BTW hope you, the boy and Lucy are well! 😀

  2. Alex

    I’ve never really had to wage war on any one or company but now I have a fantastic reason to…

    Sigh. Such a shame I won’t see you there in your shorts.

    Frankly, you will be lucky if your able to see anything with the new leadership at NMG. Hehe…

  3. NarcissusAU

    I don’t think your alone on this one mate…. Im just glad Im not in Sydney to get all caught into the hoopla and crazyness of getting **Lean** for MG…. My coach would kill me if I dropped down to that little fat….
    But its all for a reason, I don’t care who you are: Abs are SEXY!

    (Where are you going to put everything if you wear footy shorts?? They aint got pockets you know!)

  4. Author

    LOL – I will be wearing a small ankle pack for my ID and keys etc……

    have to work out where to shove the phone though LOL – maybe attached round my thigh heheheheh

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