Lipo 6 for fat burning

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In my never ending quest to ris myself of the extra fat around my mid section I have been taking Lipo 6 for about a week.
I have tried all sorts of things in the past including Carnitine in various forms and have had very mixed results.
So far I am not really sure whether I am getting the results I want, but I have been told by so many people that Lipo 6 does work. I was going to get Hydroxy cut but the cute guy behind the counter at my local bodybuilding supply store said people were getting better resulst with Lipo.
There are some side effects, and it feels a bit like I have had five cups of coffee in the morning. But my cardio sessions are at a far higher intensity and I am burning through a good 20% more calories in my 40 minute sessions.
So let’s see two and a half weeks to go till I want my abs back!


  1. Hamilton

    Hm.. I am doing a lot of cardio atm, without any kind of supplements, not even shakes. However, after two weeks, I lost 7 lbs but my lower-mid section remained intact. I am considering taking something. Any known side effects other than being hyper? I just think energy boosts supplements sometimes are a bit too crazy, there must be a catch somewhere.

  2. Author

    I have actually written a get fit guide on the site Fitness Guide although it is a bit old now.

    Apparemtly these sorts of fat busters do work, but they do so by rasiing your heart rate and metabolism.

    They will help if you are not excercising but the best results are when you are excercising

    There are catches, it’s essentially like taking a small amount of speed all the time and it’s not great or your heart in longer term use. But I think in short term use it’s ok or not too bad.

    The mid section is actually the hardest place to lose the fat too, it’s the place on a guy where the body stores extra fat!

  3. Hamilton

    lol it is hard for everyone! I am getting leaner but when I looking into the mirror, everywhere else is fine then, BAM!, the lower mid section just hanging around,arrr

  4. Author

    Wow – I think I have hit a raw nerev on everyone, with my obsession to get rid of my little tummy!

    Bit by Bit I am getting rid of the extra fat and the “pinch” test (where I grab as much fat around my tummy) is getting much hardr because the extra stuff hiding my abs is going.

    Its just past 7 am and I am off to the gym again in 20 minutes to do my morning cardio session!

    Ugh good luck Hamilton!

  5. Hamilton

    haha thanks. I am running 3 miles every other day. I wish I could do more but school’s been keeping me busy. My trainer told me this method of high intensity cardio — sprint all out for 1 min then jog slower tan normal speed for 1-2 mins then sprint again for 1 min repeat this for 15 mins or so. I am not doing that yet exactly because it is too painful on a track field. But I make sure I finish the 12 laps and with 75% fast running. We will see how that works out.

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