Two weeks two weeks two weeks

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Well it’s less than two weeks now till I want my abs back, and I am not sure whether I will meet the target.

Yes I will be cardio ‘ing’ every day, slurping my diet pills Lipo 6 and generally being very good with my food, but I have no idea whether I will get rid of the final layer of fat hiding my poor abs.

I am kind of getting used to the Lipo 6 now and I am enjoying the extra kick from them in the mornings! The fat pinch test is definitely showing a dramatic difference in the fat, but until I can turn sideways and no longer have the “bump” I will not be happy in compulsive obsessive behavior!

Last night was the Sydney Bloggers meet up at the Tilbury. A blast was had by all who were there including: Brenton, NSSG, DG, Narcicus and more!


  1. NarcissusAU

    Damn! I forgot to get hold of your shirt and check out your abs!!
    Oh well, I guess Ill just have to corner you at MG while your wearing those footy shorts!

    Was great meeting you last night, hopefully it will be the first of many times…

  2. Alex

    I guess I missed that memo… lol.

    Although the whole “organise another meetup” makes me giggle.

  3. D.U.P

    Sounds like your meet went like clockwork! I think I might come up to the Sydney Meet next time!

  4. Author

    Yeah it was very coool meeting everyone!

    and Narc, if you had tried to lift up my shrt I would have stopped you – the excercise is working but fuck it’s happening slowly!


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