Lachlan Beaton does not speak for me!

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This article in the Daily Terror annoyed me no end, I had to look up who the author Lachlan Beaton was as I had barely heard of him until a month or so ago when he suddenly popped up and said “I’m Gay and an ex sportsperson”. It’s great that he can come out now when it does not affect …

Such a Cute Short Movie

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A new short film done by Dustin Lance Black of Milk fame has done a short film for Coca Cola about two young guys falling in love.  In Dustin’s word’s it’s all about diversity and equality. Have a watch it’s very cute!

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Uk Rugby League Star Keegan Hirst comes out

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It’s fantastic to see more professional athletes come out of the closet whilst they are still in their careers.  And Keegan Hirst is an absolute first for Rugby in the UK. I can already hear the gay guys lining up to meet him now! His coming out is significantly important for all of those young gay teens who are struggling …

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Did we honestly expect anything different?

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Overnight the Australian Prime Minister and the conservative Liberal / National Parties voted not to allow a free vote on Marriage Equality. The rage and disappointment I feel is immense. But at the end of the day should I be at all surprised? This Prime Minister is possibly one of the most deeply conservative and ideologically driven that we have …

Goodbye & Farewall OJA

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I am a huge av geek and recently went down to the Illawarra and stood under this majestic beast. I have flown to London and LA on this aircraft. My sister and I were invited guests at Sydney Airport when she touched down on her work record flight non stop from London to Sydney. So I have a deep affection …

Mini Fitness Challenge Results

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#nofilter A photo posted by Tim Guth (@tim_guth) on Jul 31, 2015 at 12:36pm PDT So my mini fitness challenge I started a week ago is going quite well. My overall weight has dropped about a kilogram, probably from the reduced carbs in my diet, I cut out 95% of the fruit I was eating (6 – 8 pieces of …