Too busy to scratch myself

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I have been too busy to scratch myself of late. We are doing a media launch of a product tomorrow and I have been busy preparing for this along with normal day to day work and stuff. We have some friends staying with us from the UK on and off over the next two weeks. They arrived last Saturday and …

Mercy Killing

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The media storm over BBC Producers Ray Gosling’s admission that he smothered his dying lover as he lay dying from latter stage AIDS in the 80’s is suprising. And the news he has now been arrested is just plain wrong. Back in the really dark days of the 80’s when thousands of people were dying in the most gruesome ways …

Grindr on Top Gear

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Unless you have been living under a rock and are gay you know what Grindr is, the totally irreverent Stephen Fry recently showed Jeremy Clarkson Grindr live on Top Gear It’s totally hilarious!

do you ever?

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I read a lot of blogs and online journals on a pretty regular basis. Sometimes I just want to write a comment on a post but I stop myself. I want to tell the blogger that they are a self absorbed wanker. But I don’t, it’s not nice. But I wish I would, maybe that would make it a bit …

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Some eye candy to start the week

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I have had a pretty full on weekend, building a roof on our downstairs balcony and painting the spare room and was pretty exhausted from all that. Today has been a really full on day, a new staff member started and I have been battling a really complex project too. I think I have a handle on it finally! I …