The quiet weekend

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I had one of those sorts of weekends where I wanted to be a social outcast. I didn’t really want to be social, see people or even leave the apartment, no I am not depressed, anxious or agoraphobic. I just enjoyed doing very little. It’s not to say that I have not been out on the weekend or done things, …

Media Consolidation

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As I become more of the borg and integrate more with Steve Jobs new world order – Read: become an Apple aficionado, I have decided to convert all of our video files of movies, TV shows etc to use through iTunes. I have limited success with getting the Apple Remote working with the main media centre PC, it works sometimes …

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Trying to find inspiration

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I have had a very lackluster return to the gym in the last few months, most weeks I have not ventured anywhere near the gym let alone done proper exercise apart from walking everywhere. I lack the motivation, energy and drive at the moment to get to the gym even though I have a trainer, who I have cancelled week …

Friday is the day

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Don’t you just love Fridays? Only one day till the weekend and no office for a few days. Unlike weekends of past this year I am not working like a mad man at the moment. Which means I can do other ‘normal’ things on the weekend. Like read books, get general stuff done and catch up with mates. With the …

Whitney Houston’s New Album

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I have to say I am in love with Whitney’s new album, and in particular two songs. It’s such an interesting sound she has now, sure her voice is not the same as it was but it’s so much earthier,, so much more real. I saw excerpts of the new Oprah interview she did and all I can say is …

Life at a Private School Chapter 24

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At long last after years and years I have finally written more chapters. I had started this a little while ago and finished it last week when I was on holidays but have waited till now to publish it So Read the New Chapter!