And then there were none….

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The last Titanic survivor has died, Millvina Dean was 9 weeks old when she was bundled off he Titanic with her mother and brother,  Her father went down with the ship. Although she was only nine weeks old and had no memory of the disaster.  It’s a link that is almost gone with an event just shy of 100 years ago. …

More MAC updates

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I have now been using the MAC for a few days and I love it! There has been lots and lots of stress as I get used to the new way of doing things, and the sometimes back to front ways in which the MAC works as opposed to the PC. Overall though so far it is far superior to …

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Some Pics of Lucy

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I was going through some old files and I came across some pictures of Lucy when she was a puppy. She has grown into such a beautiful dog, but looking back at these pictures she was such a cute puppy! This big floppy ears are just so adorable.

What Does the Supreme Court Decision Mean?

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The Decision handed down today by the Californian Supreme Court is not really a surprise given that Proposition 8 was passed by a majority of voters. But it’s a significant disappointment and I am sure that everyone would have liked the dissenting vote to be the majority vote. Yes the Proposition does go against the equality as the lone dissenter suggested: “The majority’s holding is not just …

MAC Transition so far…..

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There are some things that the MAC just seems to do seamlessly, like the whole set up process. On the other hand even though I was promised converting my PC outlook mail would be easy, I have found it harder than expected. I think part of the problem of course is that my email files run into the 5 GB …

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Contemplating Moving to a MAC

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I have been contemplating moving from a PC to a MAC for ages and ages. Before the boy left his previous company we even bought a whole lot of employee software for MAC so I would have most of the software I need. With the whole technical nightmares I have been having over the last few weeks and glacial pace …