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Recent Blog Find

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A few weeks back I went on a blog rolling rampage and deleted a whole lot of links that were no longer active or had disappeared into the ether. In addition to deleting links I found a new blog Shannons Official Blog and have instantly fallen in love with it! Shannon is another cute Sydney boy who has a penchance …


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Resimay To hoom it mae cunsern, I waunt to apply for the job what I saw in the paper. I can Type realee quik wit one finggar and do sum a counting.. I think I am good on the phone and I no I am a pepole person, Pepole really seam to respond to me well. Certain men and all …

Sydney goes into meltdown

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My favorite part of yesterday’s blackout of Sydney was the fact that the Emergency Broadcast system installed through the CBD did not work. Why one may ask? Because the system uses the power grid to power it and there was no back up. OK kids I think whoever designed such a stupid solution needs to be fired. Like hello!

The Gym and Fitness

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In all of the work and stress I have had my gym and fitness have suffered greatly. Not withstanding the fact that I am totally exhausted by the time I finish work and have tended to work minimum 12 hour days for 6 – 7 days a week this year I have also had a nagging shoulder injury since the …

It’s been a while dear blog

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It’s been a long while since I last blogged, mainly due to the lack of time to actually sit down and not be working. The financial crisis the world is facing has made me quite stressed, I do tend to personalise and internalise things that I perceive as a threat to my security. Even though work has been growing in …

So much going on

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The past month, start to the year has just been incredibly busy with work. While the economy is going to shut in big business, in the small business market things have never been so bouyant. All of my small business clients are spending money and spending it with us it seems. Although there is a general feeling of worry, worry …