Busy Busy Busy

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Work and Life are just plain full on at the moment – aren’t they always? Work is piling up and coming through the doors at an amazing rate, but as always everyone wants things yesterday. I will try and find some time this weekend to sit back and write abut some of my thoughts over the last couple of weeks …

Do they have a right to privacy?

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The people and companies who donated more than $100 to have the anti- gay Proposition 8 enacted are crying invasion of privacy. The donors names and addresses are all public under the law that states any Donor over $100 in California must be made public. And the people have been subjected to harassment through the web, protests at their workplaces …

Struggling for Motivation

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I am totally struggling for motivation this week. There is lots of work I should be doing and lots of excitement and passion I should be applying but I just feel flat. I have been relatively productive this week, having purchased and installed new computers for the office for the temps that will be in there for a few weeks …

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A friend just sent me this message: I’m just sitting in the lounge at Dubai International and thought I’d catch upon your blog but I’m not able to access it as it contains content that isprohibited under the UAE’s law LOL Just thought I’d let youknow. Catch you soon, -C I am so prooud to be a subversive!