We Have a Name!

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Yes the unnamed work project I talked about a few weeks back officially as a name and soon will even have a tag line too! wooohooooo Thanks Gabe

Thoughts on the Financial Crisis

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Like I think many people I am pretty shocked that the US Congress did not pass the bail out. But I am pretty surprised by some of the rhetoric I have been reading on what I thought were socially progressive gay blogs. One blog writer who is on my blog roll seems to believe that the whole thing is a …


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A few hours ago the very first privately funded and developed space craft was launched into space. Aftre three attempts the Rocket burns baby burns! Wow!

What’s the etiquette?

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What’s the etiquette here… One of the boy’s work colleague’s 12 year old son wants to be my friend on Facebook. I have ignore it twice but he still tries to add me, his mum is a friend on FB but I really don’t want a 12 year old on my Facebook. Do I just message the mother and tell …

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Something I dislike

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Something I hate about our particular brand of democracy is that someone with less than 2% of a popular vote can control the Senate. This guy Steve Fielding from Family First received less than 2% of the popular vote, yet he likes to try and control the Senate because he can. This might be democracy but I dislike having someone …

Gay Rights and Equality

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Although the long list of changes have not yet been made nor have they passed the Australian Senate yet, Interviews like this by the Coalition’s Senator Brandis are incredibly good. The interview which was published in a Sydney Gay Rag basically says even if the Coalitions bid to include interdependent couples in the relationships bill they will still pass the …

Right to be a Homophobe Upheld, but not incite violence

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In a disturbing recent court decision in Queensland a Man was found guilty of inciting hatred against homosexuals by Queensland’s Anti-Discrimination Tribunal for displaying a bumper sticker which read: Gay Rights? Under God’s law the only rights gays have is the right to die.” In the 77 page report put down by the Tribunal they said that he had a …