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Mark Kraynak

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Last week was three years since the porn model Mark Kraynak and Steve Wright died in a freak accident (falling into a quarry at night while fleeing from a paying a Taxi driver). Mark did plenty of jerk off porn and some straight porn for gay eyes. He was a damn hot guy and it just goes to show that …

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So I have decided to do it…

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So after much thought and being called media whore (thanks I decided that yes indeedy meedy I will write a regular blog for the as yet to be named publishing group. I will keep my name of Superdrewby, after all I have had it for so long it does feel like it is part of me. However what bent to …

Interesting Question

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I was approached today by a Gay Publishing group to see if I would blog for them either under a non de plum or my own Superdrewby mantle. At first I was flattered but was adamantly against it, however after some reflection I am thinking that maybe it could be fun. I don’t know really what to think. Suggestions? Comments?