Miracle Weight Loss Drug

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Warning or Miracle? Too Much Sugar-Free Gum Could Cause Extreme Weight LossBy Alexis Madrigal January 11, 2008 1:05:59 PMCategories: Food and Drink Two German doctors presented case studies today suggesting that chewing too much sugar-free gum could lead to extreme weight loss of up to 20% of a person’s normal body weight. The work, which appears in the journal BMJ, …

The ebbs and flows of blogging

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Blogs are like the waves on a beach it seems. A couple of my favorite blogs are coming to an end, Completely Naked & Single in the City have both decided that they will call it a day and move on. While other blogs like The Great Cock Hunt, Synthetic Ego and others are no longer posting. In fact over …

The Grim Reaper becomes the Glam Reaper

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A humorous reminder that if it’s not on it’s not on.I am undecided whether making the ad this ‘cool’ is the best message, but any message is better than no message. Interesting that this was a PSA made for 2007 but the first I ever saw of it was today in 2008… what do you think?

Back to Work

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After having two weeks off and for the first time in a long log time not doing work while I was on holiday I am back at work. I am certainly not enjoying working from home at all. Apart from the fact that it’s always difficult to get back into work after having time off, we ended up out at …

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Some home truths about growing old

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This year I will officially turn 36 years of age, and it’s even my Chinese horoscope year too. I am rat for those who are interested and you can discover more about the Year of the Rat and the Chinese Horoscope here. In gay years turning 30 was almost supposed to be death on the gay scene, but for me …

Surfacing after several days of hard partying

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We are finally surfacing after a couple of days of hard partying for the introduction to New Years and 2008. What started off as a house party stretched for almost 48 hours, from house party, to house party, to Dance Party to recovery party. All in all an amazing and very satisfying way to bring in the new year although …