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Bandwidth Overflow!

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Even though I have upped my bandwidth quote I am still exceeding it towards the end of every month which is fantastic! It shows that the site is becoming even more popular which is great, but I need to ask people help out by clicking on some of the advertising and joining up with some of the great sites. Everytime …

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The Boys of Big Brother Australia 2007

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Last night saw the start of Big Brother for 2007 and there are three hottys the likes we have not seen on Big Brother in Australia for a while. Let’s face it the reason I watch this crap is to laugh at the stupidity of people, and the big cute hot straight boys! So in order of hotness, we have: …

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Office Re-Arrange

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Since moving into my new office almost five months ago, I have pretty much lived with the outfit that was already there. This had meant that the rest of the office was fantastically designed and looked really cool. But my private office was a mix of ugly and uglier! The start off with I had a huge big white kitchen …