A Reminder

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A long time ago (December 2003) I wrote a few articles on the drug G, GBH, Liquid Ecstasy. My point of the articles and my belief is about harm minimisation. Whilst I do not have an opinion either way on whether drugs are bad or good, I do believe that prohibition of illegal substances does not work and they should …

Go F*** yourself MCain

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Hacker turns US presidential candidate’s site pro-gay McCain, a Republican Senator and presidential hopeful, has a record of “U-turns” on gay issues. MySpace site of John McCain has been manipulated to make it appear as if he supports lesbian marriage.Mike Davidson, a web publisher and writer, has claimed responsibility for the prank.A message was placed on the website supporting gay …

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Pint Size Antony Callea confirms he is Gay

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After weeks of discussions regarding Pint Sized singer Anthony Callea’s sexuality, he has finally admitted he is gay. In an interview yesterday he talks about his sexuality and his difficulty in growing up gay and Italian in Australia. I was really interested to read that he talks about going to a psychologist to address his depression stemming from dealing with …

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Underwear Shopping

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I went shopping online for some new underwear and have ended up ordering twelve new pairs of underwear from FreshPair! Some Andrew Christian, Ginch Gonch and Tommy Hilfiger all together in boig bulk order. I am looking forward to the FEDEX delivery in the next week. Pity my body doesn’t look as good as the models above though.

My Dilema Explored and Decided

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Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment or send me an email on my work dilemma. I was interested to read people’s opinions on what I should do. In the end I have decided that I will not actively pursue the client and if they do come back and really want the product I will charge …