Beefman – what a loser!

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In my never ending blog watch I have come across this, an example of homophobia and stupidity all in one. This guy, Nick Peronace-, the president of Enterprise Steaks (allegedly) made anti gay comments on a website. You know normal run of the mill ‘I’m going to kill you and break your bones’ sort of stuff that gets written …

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Beagle Whispering

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The beagle whisperer, AKA Sarah the dog trainer came over to start the training process of us with Lucy. The most important thing that we were taught is to ignore bad behavior and reward good behavior. Now this might sound really simple but, when you have a beagle who has learnt to bark at you for ten minutes to get …

Friday Morning Coffee

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It’s finally Friday morning and I am having my coffee before heading intot he office for a full day of work! The boy is back (YIPPEEEEEE) tired from honkers but glad to be home, and the good news on Wednesday my mother does not need an operation on her spine! So all in all a good week. I have a …