Lachlan Beaton does not speak for me!

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This article in the Daily Terror annoyed me no end, I had to look up who the author Lachlan Beaton was as I had barely heard of him until a month or so ago when he suddenly popped up and said “I’m Gay and an ex sportsperson”.

It’s great that he can come out now when it does not affect his career standing on the shoulders of people like Matt Mitcham, Ian Roberts etc who came out at the height of their careers.

But then to become a “gay spokesperson” in the length of a month and tell me to tolerate bigotry is just another way of saying he is still dealing with his own internalised homophobia.

There is no middle ground on this debate, you are either for or against marriage equality. There is no cohesive argument against marriage equality, the arguments are baseless, insulting and quite frankly are the reason why kids grappling with their sexuality are having a hard time.

If we “tolerant” of their pseudo religious bullshit then we are tolerant of outright bigotry and hatred and this tacitly approve of homophobia in the community.

Tolerance does not mean that we have respect abhorrent or hateful views.

Lachlan Beaton you do not speak for me in any way shape or form. I am one of the people that is actively discrimated against by not having my 16 year relationship legally recognised the same as a straight couple.

Such a Cute Short Movie

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A new short film done by Dustin Lance Black of Milk fame has done a short film for Coca Cola about two young guys falling in love.  In Dustin’s word’s it’s all about diversity and equality.

Have a watch it’s very cute!

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Uk Rugby League Star Keegan Hirst comes out

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It’s fantastic to see more professional athletes come out of the closet whilst they are still in their careers.  And Keegan Hirst is an absolute first for Rugby in the UK.

I can already hear the gay guys lining up to meet him now!

His coming out is significantly important for all of those young gay teens who are struggling with their own sexuality and not seeming to fit into a straight world.

The full article is here

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Did we honestly expect anything different?

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ditch-the-witchOvernight the Australian Prime Minister and the conservative Liberal / National Parties voted not to allow a free vote on Marriage Equality.

The rage and disappointment I feel is immense.

But at the end of the day should I be at all surprised?

This Prime Minister is possibly one of the most deeply conservative and ideologically driven that we have had.

Not withstanding the fact that his Government has been described as the least effective in 44 years for their failure to pass significant legislation, the Prime Minister and Government are jokes.

Technically the votes to have a free vote on the issue of marriage Equality does not in itself pass the change, but now we have absolutely no way of this legislation passing.

I can’t help but say “I told you so” to so many gay people I know who voted for this idiot who have miraculously now become staunch Abbott haters.  Every fear I have had have come true about this Government and man.

He is a disgrace and embarrassment and the rage I feel is boiling over.

Goodbye & Farewall OJA

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I am a huge av geek and recently went down to the Illawarra and stood under this majestic beast. I have flown to London and LA on this aircraft. My sister and I were invited guests at Sydney Airport when she touched down on her work record flight non stop from London to Sydney.

So I have a deep affection for her and for the 747-400 in general.

Mini Fitness Challenge Results

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A photo posted by Tim Guth (@tim_guth) on

So my mini fitness challenge I started a week ago is going quite well.

My overall weight has dropped about a kilogram, probably from the reduced carbs in my diet, I cut out 95% of the fruit I was eating (6 – 8 pieces of fruit a day was waaaaaay too much).

My belt buckle has gone down another notch as well which is probably the biggest indicator, but I have no idea of my body fat change as my expensive WIFI scales are playing up.

I always worry when I lose weight or clean up my diet too much that I will lose more muscle than fat and so I tend to over eat on the protein and up my BCAA supplements.

The eye candy is an 18 year old gym fit German called Tim Guth, you can stalk I mean admire him at his instagram.

I was wonderen gour loud this morning other the fact that my Instagram is filled my hot gym guys and the selfies in gym gear is this gymspiration or just an unhealthy desire to have those abs?

Mini Fitness Challenge

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I have set myself a mini fitness challenge over the next 4 weeks of losing some weight and body fat.

After coming back from our “eat you way” through Europe holiday and cruise I’ve managed to pile on about 3kgs pretty much all of which unfortunately has settled around my waist.

The last few years I have been alternately bulking and then trying to cut, last year in my bulk I managed to get to almost 86 KGs which is the heaviest I have ever been and the fattest as well (I think I was around 21% BF at that weight).

This year I am sitting around 77 KGs and somewhere between 18 – 19% body fat.

I have lost a few kgs since coming back mainly from eating well and hitting the gym again but its time to up the ante and shock my body into some changes.

I still have my trainer the adorable Andreas, and I train weights 4 times a week and an objective of three jogs a week of about 4 – 5 KM. Which is ok for maintenance but not great if I’m wanting to shed the extra bulk around the middle.

So for the next few weeks I am going to be super disciplined in my diet and reduce my daily calories to less than 2000, upping the protein macros and decreasing the carbs whilst still maintaining the healthy fats.

I weighed myself this morning after the gym and I as 77.6 my objective next week is to be 76.6 or there about.

This also means multiple nights off the booze at dinner and reduced booze when we have friends for dinner!

So let’s start body hacking!


In future blogs I’m going to start talking about the Apple iWatch VS FitBit and the Digifit now that I’ve been using the iWatch for about 6 weeks.